Dr. Alexander Sarras

Whatever the reason, you just found Alexander Sarras' private Homepage. Since it's private, there's not much information here.

'That's what I looked like some years ago!

I no longer work at the University of Vienna. After a three-year stint at Ericsson Austria and a brief interlude at Kapsch I now work somewhere else. So obviously it's no use trying to contact me at either company.

I quit working for the University of Vienna in Spring 2000, and started working for Ericsson Austria as a software-developer specialized on the design and implementation of secure licensing, application and data security. After about three years there, I was looking for a new job, since the group I worked with was dissolved.

After a very brief interlude as cryptographic expert at Kapsch TrafficCom I got an offer which I just couldn't turn down. So now I'm working for a lot less pay, but can call myself a physicist again!

On a totally unrelated note: Some of my experiences explaining why a scientists life in Austria is in mortal danger can be found here (Sorry, german only!).

Due to those recent changes in my professional life there are some consequences:
  1. It is not possible to contact me via the Institute anymore.
  2. Normal snail mail should be directed at:
    Dr. Alexander Sarras
    Mil. Liegenschaft Simmering
    Haidestraße 8
    A-1110 Wien
  3. There are some email-addresses which won't resolve anymore, so please refrain from using those:
    •  NOTE: This is automatically routed to /dev/nul
To contact me by email, use but please be aware of some limitations. Emails originating from known spam domains (this also includes hotmail, aol, etc. due to my personal experience, but not GMX, their spam-filters work) are automatically deleted. So if you need to contact me using such an address, use s-mail first, and tell me the account you'll be using.

For more information, please go to "The Sarras Info - Project"! For more rants, go to the "The Sarras Rant Network"!
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